A story as unique as our products

Since 1945 Klein Karoo International has been the world’s leading producer of ostrich derived goods – leather, feathers and meat. Our story is intertwined with the history of commercial farming of ostriches which started in the 1860’s and led to an economic boom in the Little Karoo region of South Africa – creating wealth and prosperity in this semi-arid region due to the high demand of firstly feathers in European markets.

Exotic Luxury, Global Reach

The industry has since evolved through various challenges, booms and depressions with Klein Karoo International remaining focused on the processing of ostriches for export.

The premium ostrich leather is used to create luxury items by the foremost fashion houses in the world, our meat products are gaining popularity due to its health benefits and environmentally friendly way of farming and the feathers are used for fashion, international Carnivals, revues, like the Moulin Rouge, and various domestic and industrial applications.

The principle pursuit of excellence

The company’s main objective is to reinvigorate the market and create a sustainable industry to the benefit of not only our Shareholders, but the ostrich farmers and the local community. Presently approximately 200 producers, collectively renowned as leaders in the industry, supply us. KKI subscribes to a set of principles ensuring humane treatment of livestock, environmentally friendly practices, and continuous innovation. Ethical corporate and social values, with a respectable and dignified work environment.

Good, Better, Best Practice

The company is committed to adhere to all international standards in relation to farming practices, processing, export requirements, biodiversity management, bio-security, and the humane treatment of ostriches, as prescribed by the industry’s code of conduct and regulations.